Inktober Day 1


Day 1 of Inktober.  For those who don’t know, Inktober is a drawing a day challenge going on for the whole month of October.  Each day has a different theme, and today’s theme is “pumpkin”.  My friend Stacy made a handy little chart with all the themes if you were thinking of getting in on it, or are just a curious spectator.  It’s a fun way to get you drawing every day and who doesn’t like Halloween?  I will post some of my Inktober drawings here, but be sure to check out my instagram feed @workweak for all of them. I will be batch posting a bunch of Inktober drawings to my etsy shop ( after a few pile up.  If you were interested in grabbing one then be sure to check out my shop or just shoot me a line at

My friend Dave is following along the Inktober chart I made, I’ll be posting mine soon!

Inspired by 5 years of working in ice cream shops

Inktober is soon! It’s a challenge where you do one ink drawing a day during the month of October. I’ve never done it before, but this year I’m going to. I decided it’d be fun to do it all Halloween-themed and made a little chart with words so I have a starting point for each ink drawing. I’m posting this here in case anyone else wanted to join me! Feel free to save this pic or post it on your page if you plan on doing it!

Here are some pictures I posted on Instagram of process of guitars I was illustrating for a company. I spent most of August working on these, a huge relief to be done! I can’t post the finals yet, but they look really cool. Figured I’d post this since I haven’t updated my tumblr in a while 😜 I’m more active on Instagram if you want to follow me there, same username as this

Today only: If you buy “Alice in Wonderland” or “Frog Kiss” I will include a mini Coraline print with your order!

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Alice in Wonderland (available as a print)

My sister commissioned this for her friend’s baby shower. Exciting to think a little baby girl is going to grow up with this hanging in her room :)

An itsy bitsy illustration I did while procrastinating a bigger illustration

Kissing Frogs

charlavail with her pups!