I saw a few illustrators using Labor Day to reflect on their first jobs. My first *real* job was at an ice cream shop on a farm. I worked there from age 15-19. I will never be able to wrap my mind around how mean people can be when getting ice cream. I still think everyone should work food service for a year of their life so they will learn to be nicer to their servers. Working there helped me to be less shy which I am thankful for. But all I can say is, always leave a tip for your ice cream server because you would not believe the wrath a middle-aged woman can have on them when they give her the wrong colored sprinkles. I think my favorite was a woman exploding at me because her ice cream was too cold. Crazy.

Buckingham Palace back in March when I spent an afternoon drawing there ☺️

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Finished it!

All watercolors. I poured my first background wash, and it was terrifying. (but oh so satisfying in the end)

but basically this sums up how i’ve been feeling for the past 4-5 months

One of my super talented classmates! Check out those watercolor washes!! You can see more of Mar’s work at: www.marspragge.com

Alice in Wonderland (available as a print)

My sister commissioned this for her friend’s baby shower. Exciting to think a little baby girl is going to grow up with this hanging in her room :)


Found this picture from 2012 which is me right after I finished this drawing… blissfully unaware of how many people would later copy the concept or claim this was their drawing haha!

An itsy bitsy illustration I did while procrastinating a bigger illustration

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Kissing Frogs